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Welcome to RichTradesman.com. This is a site for any future, new, or seasoned business owner of any industry to learn more about the different business strategies. These strategies can be for starting a business, marketing your business or anything and everything else to help you increase your bottom line. Don’t let the name our company fool you, these strategies will help just about any type of business. I am a tradesman so the strategies that I have come up with were geared toward my company, but I learned these strategies from people that were teaching many different industries.

As I am a tradesman the examples I use will often be from my own experiences working in the trades. These examples will fall into place for anyone else that works in the trades, such as plumbers, painters, cleaners, hvac, handyman, electricians, flooring companies, builders, and any other trade.

If you are not part of the trades you may have to tweak the examples to fit your industry. The strategies though are generic to any industry. Especially when it comes to starting a business, online or offline marketing, branding, promotional marketing, and human resources. This would be no different than if you sat in seminars having marketing companies teach you about marketing. The only difference is I am a tradesman first and a marketer second.

Inside the site you will find categories on how to start a business, marketing, branding, promotional items, leadership, and business ideas.

Then inside each of those categories you will find many articles that are geared toward general business or specific niches that you may be interested in.

Why would you listen to what I have to say? Currently I own two businesses. One is a service business and the other is an online business where I build market and monetize websites that I rank for recurring income or sell at a profit.

In the past I have owned and operated a fry truck, bought real estate for investment, renovated and flipped houses, owned an energy management company and have set up a plumbing business in three different cities. I have done some sales and graduated from the Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage Course. I worked in the life insurance field for a while selling life insurance, disability insurance and segregated funds(similar to mutual funds). I also took the Canadian Securities Course to sell stocks before realizing my passion was in working for myself in my own business.

I have spent thousands of dollars on real estate, stock and commodity courses as well as thousands of dollars on both offline and online marketing. I have made money and lost money while learning how to do things the right way. I will explain some of my failures inside so you do not have to go through those same mistakes I made.

I decided to create this website because most people only focus on teaching internet marketing. This is fine but there is a lot more ways for you to grow your business than just online. I will of course get into all the online marketing as well, and a whole lot more. Many people only teach online marketing because there are so many new products that come out each month. That means I could sell you a new product every month and never really care about your success. This site is not about that. You need to know how to market online, but there is still a lot you can do offline to make your company a success.

Without a doubt the best content for you is inside the free membership area. There is no cost to join and we promise not to spam your inbox.

In fact, this is another reason I am creating this business site. I am so tired to getting 15 or more emails every week from marketing companies that are promoting new products. These emails have no real value for me as the receiver of the email, but only help the sender if I buy. Every week I find myself unsubscribing from these people that could be giving me great information, but instead they abuse the system and get deleted. If I ever do this please call me out on it!

Yes, I do make money online, but not through spamming someone’s email. I do this when you decide to use one of the exact same services I use and get paid a portion of that sale. So you can rest assured that any product that you find in the resources section of the members area is a product that I use and benefit from that use. Some I get paid for others I do not. That is not the point of the resources section; the point is to help you get more clients with your business. If you are just starting out you will not need to buy anything unless you have the money to do so.

I might at some point in the future send you a promotional email, but that will only be about a product or service that I have created myself and not just to make a buck off someone else’s product or service. You of course will never be under any obligation to purchase.

Please comment on any articles inside or outside of the members’ area. Ask questions, join our Facebook group and participate there.

As you read through the articles always be thinking of how you can apply that piece of information in your business. I always found this helped me get the creative juices flowing. If the article does not relate to you does not mean you will not learn something from the article. So always keep an open mind.

One of the greatest skills you can learn is copywriting. This is the ability to write a sales letter or advertisement that grabs attention, leads the reader through the copy and gets that person to take action. Whether you do sales copy on your website or create postcards and everything in between you will make more money with well written copy.

Also always keep in mind that when you do marketing you need to test, track, and tweak to make sure your marketing is making you money. Always do these before you do a larger or long term contract.

If there is something you are having trouble with feel free to send me a message through the contact form. I will try to help, but if I feel that same information will help others I will create an article and place on the site. I will of course not reveal anything that you are doing that may be proprietary in any way.

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