Starting a Business

How To Start a Business

Some of the articles here are to help you start a business in your chosen field. For the most part this website is focused on helping you, someone that services home owners.

This can mean that you work in the construction, renovation, or service industry and you will find this website very helpful.

Even though the name of this site is Rich Tradesman the articles you find inside will help anyone that works with home owners. This includes all business owners in the trades as well as cleaning companies, real estate agents and brokers, mortgage brokers and even insurance companies.

Also, you will find that some of the articles will have a lot of similarities. For example, How to start a plumbing business is not a whole lot different then how to start an HVAC business.  For this reason if you are looking at starting a business and I do not have anything for that industry just look through the other articles and you will get a good idea of what you should be doing.

I have created the different articles so people can read what is for them, but in reality you should be able to read anyone of the articles and take the important points and use those points in your business.

Plus this particular page is just a portal to all the articles that I or others have written about starting a business in a particular industry.

How to Start a Plumbing Business

The easiest way to get started with a plumbing company is if you are already a journeyman plumber. If you are then please skip to the next section. If not then ask yourself why do you want to own a plumbing business?

Assuming you asked yourself the above question and you really do want to own one for whatever reasons you might have then let’s move on.  Read more…