Plumber Advertising

Plumber advertising is used by plumbers to get more business. This can be done through many different mediums and you might want to test out a medium before you do a full scale marketing campaign.

Advertising that can work for plumbers can involve coupon books, post cards, networking, cold calling, SEO and other online marketing techniques.

In this article I will mainly focus on offline type of marketing for plumbers. In future articles I will dive into building websites and marketing a website to get your phone ringing.

The best advertising I have ever done for my plumbing company was picking up the phone or walking into a potential clients office and introducing myself.

I should not say the best advertising, but very effective, fast and no cost. A great way for someone to start a plumbing business with no money. You can read my story about what I did and how I did it here

Plumber Marketing

What is plumber marketing compared with plumber advertising? For the most part plumber advertising has to do with a small portion of marketing. For instance anything that has to do with an advertisement in a newspaper or online is part of a larger marketing campaign.

When you are doing marketing you need to think of doing as much as you can after someone has already seen the advertisement. This might mean follow up phone calls, putting someone into a CRM program or having them join your newsletter.

An ad might promote a product or service or as ad might promote joining a newsletter or membership club. In both cases once the ad has done the job you will want to keep those people as part of any future marketing campaigns that you create. And this is regardless of whether or not they bought from you from the original advertisement.

Creating a Plumber Advertisement

If you are placing ads on the yellow pages website or on Facebook you need to draw the prospect into the ad.

When you are on the yellow pages site or any number of other directories out there people will find you in the category they are looking under.

Someone looking for a plumber is looking in the plumbing category.

This means you do not have to place your name first or anything about plumbing in the headline.

Instead you could write a headline like

‘YOU Get the Best Price and the Best Service Call Now 123-456-7890’

This headline would not make sense if you were placing this ad on Facebook. Instead on Facebook or similar sites you might want to say something like

‘Do YOU Need a Plumber YOU can Trust? Call Now 123-456-7890’

With this headline you are asking if someone needs a plumber at that time. This works great if you get in front of someone at the right time, but for the most part people do not need your service when you are advertising on sites at that moment.

When doing this kind of advertising you will want to pay attention to how much you spend and what kind of return on investment (ROI) you are getting for that money.

By keeping track of your ads you will know which ones you can scale up and which ones you need to dump right away.

Another point you must know when trying to figure out the ROI of an ad is your lifetime value of your clients. We all know that when we get a client we will hopefully see them again and again over the years. Some move, some forget, and others use us over and over.

Knowing exactly what the lifetime value of a client is will tell you that you can spend a bit more than what you might make off a client the first time you see them.

I have a full report inside the members area for you to read, click here for more info.

One very important skill you need to do if you are going to do any advertising of any kind. That skill is copywriting. Not like a copyright on a book, but copywriting, the art of grabbing a prospects attention and leading them through the ad to the offer and taking action on that offer. In most cases for us as plumbers the action we want them to take is to pick up the phone and use our services.

In some cases the offer might be to join our newsletter or for some of us with retail showrooms the offer might be to come in for a particular product.

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